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Our mission is to entertain, educate and stimulate the community by providing excellent live theatre in Baker County and surrounding areas, to provide a forum for community members to contribute their theatre related talents and skills toward these goals, and to provide a permanent Performing Arts Center.

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Remember the tale of the fisherman who catches an enchanted fish and uses his three wishes (and hers) to try to bring happiness to his wife? This delightful adaptation taps into the magic of audience participation. Here you use children in the audience for scenery, sound effects, extensions of the action, even walk-on parts. As the fish grants the fisherman's wife's spiraling wishes, the audience creates sea and storms, goes fishing, and becomes chickens and ducks in the farmyard and servants in the magnificent castle the fish provides for the fisherman's wife. here.

It’s Marcus’ first day on the job at The Twilight Cone, an unusual ice cream shop owned by his Great-Aunt Diane. Marcus has already been trained on the milkshake machine and scooping ice cream when suddenly his eccentric aunt needs to run to the store. She reluctantly decides to let him open the shop but makes him promise not to serve any flavor but vanilla. When five young women come in to the shop, Marcus’ promise is quickly forgotten. Little does he know that each unique milkshake flavor causes an unusual reaction. The Narrator, unnoticed by all, enters and explains the power of each shake. As the five women drink their shakes, they quickly realize something is not normal. Kaitlyn’s shake allows her to rewind time. She no longer worries about embarrassing herself in front of her crush Marcus. She can simply rewind the conversation and begin again. Alexa’s shake slows time. With her shake, forgotten Lola finds out what it’s like to be the center of attention while the star Chelsea is no longer recognized. Kirsten's shake allows her to let down her polite guard and speak her mind. Oops! With embarrassment and hurt feelings, how will these friends get back to normal? Aunt Diane returns and sets things right … well, as soon as they can get rid of that pesky narrator

Thursday Feb 20th 7pm

Fridays Feb 21st 7pm

Saturdays Feb 22nd 7pm

Sunday Feb 23rd 3pm

Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre, Inc.